“Design for Innovative Technology: from Disruption to Acceptance” answers questions essential for innovation with the complicity of personalities such as the sociologist Michel Maffesoli and the designers Yves Béhar, Andrea Branzi or Jasper Morrison.

The ambition of cutting-edge research is to provide entirely new knowledge. In engineering, it gives rise to ‘disruptive’ technology that is radically different from all that exists. Despite their remarkable performance, these new technologies often find resistance within the broad public, where they are not understood, leading to tensions within society. How can disruptive technology be perceived as ‘friendly innovation’ in order to assume its place in our everyday lives?

The EPFL+ECAL Laboratory, founded in 2007, exploits design in order to transform technological performance into a new experience for the user. It has developed a model that clearly distinguishes itself from the approaches of Design Thinking or Critical Design. From digital tattoos and solar cells to raspberry juice, the projects, such as Sunny Memories, Gimme More, Lazy Bytes, or Under Pressure provide very concrete demonstrations of the basic tenets.

This book places this adventure into the history of Design and the accompanying changes in society.

A voyage to the heart of a revolution!


Sur la base des projets menés par l’EPFL+ECAL Lab, le journaliste français Yves Mirande cosigne avec le fondateur de ce laboratoire, Nicolas Henchoz, un livre manifeste, dans lequel ils exposent une vision originale du design.

Edition française PPUR, Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes

English edition Routledge