The EPFL+ECAL Lab presents its brand-new digital world

EPFL+ECAL Lab new website
EPFL+ECAL Lab new website
EPFL+ECAL Lab new website
EPFL+ECAL Lab new website
EPFL+ECAL Lab new website
EPFL+ECAL Lab new website
EPFL+ECAL Lab new website
EPFL+ECAL Lab new website

The EPFL+ECAL Lab unveils its new website, ushering in the next chapter of innovation and design research.

The design research centre reveals an online platform that provides expertise, an interdisciplinary approach and deep knowledge in design research. Companies, cultural institutions and universities can find resources to integrate human perception and adoption into innovation, and to reach sustainable impact. Developed in collaboration with Swiss web agency Stimul, this new release features a graphic design system reflecting the Lab’s creative and effective spirit.

With installations implemented from Paris to Dubai, as well as academic contributions presented at many global conferences, the EPFL+ECAL Lab, the design research centre of EPFL, founded in collaboration with the ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne), has reached a leading status worldwide. By pushing boundaries through ground-breaking projects at the intersection of technology, design and culture, its now well-established methodology has been applied in many fields, including culture, well-being, medical therapy, social ties, and media.

The new website offers an immersive journey through the EPFL+ECAL Lab’s innovative projects that can be explored according to technologies or research topics. It offers insights into key learnings and guidelines developed through over 15 years of qualitative research. It also serves as an extensive resource hub, featuring a comprehensive archive of the Lab’s past initiatives, educational programmes, research publications, awards and upcoming events. This new digital presence capitalises on the Lab’s design talents to create a disruptive identity that integrates aesthetics, functionality and user experience.

Nicolas Henchoz, Director of the EPFL+ECAL Lab, expressed his excitement about the new website, stating, “After more than 15 years of implemented projects worldwide and a proven methodology, this is an important milestone as we embrace the future of design research and technology. Our new website enhances our commitment to exploring new frontiers, while always putting the human perspective first. Our objective is to support the development of transdisciplinary approach taking in account cultural, emotional and contextual dimensions to foster adoption and impact.”

This goal is already on track, with the acquisition of new European projects that start this year. In addition, this August, Nicolas Henchoz, the Lab’s Director, will be the Art Papers Chair of SIGGRAPH, the largest conference on computer Graphics and interactive techniques in the world, which will celebrate its 50th edition in Los Angeles, gathering over 18’000 people. He will be the first Swiss citizen in charge of this role. Expect many more updates to come on this new digital platform!

Desktop view. Animation © EPFL+ECAL Lab
Mobile view. Animation © EPFL+ECAL Lab
Tablet view. Animation © EPFL+ECAL Lab

Art Direction

Romain Collaud, Lara Défayes

UI/UX Design

Romain Collaud

Project Coordination

Romain Collaud, Géraldine Morand


Géraldine Morand

Content & Copywriting

Emily Groves, Nicolas Henchoz, Géraldine Morand, EPFL+ECAL Lab

Web Development

David Mignot, Pierre Dumont, Stimul

Landing Video

Achille Masson, Art Direction by Lara Défayes

Aerial Views

© Jamani Caillet/EPFL


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